We  Are  One

from left: Komfo Anorkye, P. I. Jazzy, Black Survivor, Chase Livingston

Black & White: We Are One is the result of nearly two years of collaboration between “P.I. Jazzy” Lawrence Ofori Adokoh, Congobongo Komfo Anorkye and Chase Livingston. Blending reggae, rock, and traditional African rhythms, Black and White represents a fusion of musical cultures from Ghana to the Hawaiian Islands. Despite vast differences, these three artists found unity through their music.

The album, Black & White: We Are One, was released in January 2013 and can be downloaded from a number of online services, including a donation based service provided by If you would like a free (or by donation) copy of the album, please follow the link on the "listen/download music" page and click "buy now." You can enter "0" or whatever you want, and click download. At this point, you have the opportunity to click on the "mp3" link, which allows you to change the file type that you are downloading. I reccomend upping the quality a bit (.aiff or .wav) because it automatically gives you the smallest, and thus lowest quality sound file.  

Hard copies are also available, please email:

Feel free to forward any questions or comments to the same address above. 
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