We  Are  One

The Album

Black & White: we are ONE is an album of 9 original tracks, written and produced by Congobongo Komfo Anorkye (pronounced 'Anoche' like 'last night' in spanish), "Jazzy" Lawrence Ofori Adokoh, and Kofi Chase Livingston. 
The album features a number of other talented artists, including vocalist Black Survivor, 
“The God Father” Nii Adjetey Adjei on traditional West African percussion instruments (kpanlogo drums, gome), Nii Adjei on the Djimbe, Justice Dwomar on the guitar, and Ryan Trujillo on the ukelele. Benjamin Gunnerson is featured on the drum set, as well as through his postproduction electronic and dub influence. Postproduction by Lindley Cannon at the Blue Planet Sound studio in Honolulu. Mastered at Blue Planet Sound. All music recorded and mixed by Lawrence Ofori Adokoh of the Elyon Recording Studio in Achimota, Ghana, West Africa. 

-Black & White: We Are ONE- 

Good Morning: A rooster cries “ko kro kooo” in the morning to wake you from your slumber and welcome you to a beautiful day. Featuring Ryan Trujillo on the ukulele and the voices of Komfo Anorkye and Chase Livingston. Effects and postproduction by Cannon.

Odonti: Odo nti, or “because of love” in Twi, speaks of the trials and triumphs of love. Featuring Nii Adjetey Adjei on both the Kpanlogo drums and the Gome and his son, Nii Adjei, on the Djimbe. Bass, keys, and programming by P.I. Jazzy and Chase. Vocals by Komfo Anorkye and Kofi Chase.

Nothin’ Lasts: While material goods and wealth may give you some measure of happiness, life is too short and time moves too fast to preoccupy your mind with things like vanity and materialism. Anorkye says, “carry your big cars to the cemetery ooh, carry your big house to the cemetery ooh, acres of land to the cemetery ooh, nothing lasts in life, wu no waan fi know, listen to my flow yo Congobongo.” This song has evolved through the years after first appearing on Chase’s 2007 album Rough Cuts. Nothing Lasts was transformed when he joined the West African Dance-Drumming Ensemble at Berkeley and was exposed to Kpanlogo. The song was taken to the next level when he joined forces with Komfo Anorkye and P.I. Jazzy in Ghana. Nii Adjetey Adjei brings the kpanlogo drums to life and firmly grounds the song, about impermanence, in the pulse of Afrika. Justice Dwomar plays the lead guitar featured in the intro and Benjamin Gunnerson brings a dub vibe to postproduction.

Nyame Asem: This song is about recognizing the power of something greater than oneself. Whether you call this power by a name like Allah, God, Nyame, or if you have no word for the energy you feel, it does not matter. The mountain of righteousness has many paths up to the peak. “Plenty of room for all to stand, one love, one heart, one mother land.” Featuring a vocal appearance by Black Survivor, guitar from Justice Dwomar, and postproduction FX by Benjamin Gunnerson.

Rasta Living Still: Rasta Living Still is a Congobongo Komfo Anorkye classic about what it is like to be Rasta in a world that does not share the same values. Regardless of being Rasta, everyone has the strength to stand strong and push through all the obstacles in your life. Featuring Congobongo, Chase, and the Black Survivor himself on vocals. Djimbe by Nii Adjei and both Gome and Kpanlogo drums by Nii Adjetey Adjei. Drum set and dub by Benjamin Gunnerson.

A Part of Thee: Everything is made from the same basic elemental building blocks. We are all stardust.  Everything in the universe is connected and we are all ONE. It is ALL “a part of thee.” Lead guitar by Justice Dwomar, piano by Chase, and Nii Adjetey Adjei on Gome and Kpanlogo drums. Benjamin Gunnerson is featured on the tabla drums, and the electronic /dub effects.

Why: Why is there so much suffering? Why are we still killing each other? Why, when globally we can produce enough food to feed every human being on the planet are there still people dying of starvation? Never take anything for granted, speak truth to power, and always ask why. Featuring music and programming by P.I. Jazzy, and vocals by Komfo Anorkye, Chase Livingston, and Black Survivor. Gome and Kpanlogo drums by Nii Adjetey Adjei. Drum set played by Benjamin Gunnerson. Dub and postproduction by Cannon.

Kiss You: Komfo Anorkye’s carefree love song, Kiss You, is tempered by Chase Livingston as he warns Anorkye that “love is a dangerous thing,” and asks if he’s gone “head over heels in love,” (or “muni muni muni to odom” in Twi). Kiss You follows the Ghanaian High-Life tradition and is heavily grounded in the riddems of the Gome drum, the Kpanlogo drums, and the shaker played by Nii Adjetey Adjei. The lead Djimbe drum is played by Nii Adjey.

Free to Fly: Originally written as a “break-up song,” Free to Fly has since taken on a much more universal meaning with the message of staying true to yourself and living life on your own terms. Featuring dub and postproduction from Benjamin Gunnerson and Cannon. We hope that everyone will always be free to fly, and as Komfo Anorkye says, “Forward ever, ever, ever, backwards never!” 

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